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When we first started BOBROCK back in 2013, our sole-purpose is to provide plus size clothing that are affordable and comfortable. We started off with offering basic work shirts, t-shirts and pants; operating from our humble store in Plaza Shah Alam or (famously known as Plaza Masalam) at Section 9, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Surprisingly BOBROCK received overwhelming response from customers and soon we started the first production of Checkered shirt using our own customised and tailored measurement. It was an instant hit and we received positive feedback from customers on the new sizing. Hence, we started tweaking and refining the measurements and ventured into producing more products.

After 5 years of study, we have revolutionised our measurements and provide the ‘PERFECT FIT’ clothing for plus size Asians. Say goodbye to alteration costs and no more extra-long shirts, droopy shoulders and baggy sleeves; BOB ROCK now offers ready-to-wears that are stylish, classy and most importantly fits nicely on your body.



A lot of thought goes into each product we designed. Besides looking good another important aspect, is comfort. All of our garments are crafted using premium, breathable material such as our signature Oxford Cotton & Cotton Linen which are suitable for our hot and humid Malaysian weather.

Besides cotton, we also experimented with cotton-satins which are iron-less and easy to care, viscose, poly-blends and stretchable fabrics to ease your everyday movement. We also incorporated different motives and prints to our shirt collection because we believe that everyone can be fashionable even plus size men and women. So long boring dark hues, and say hello to vibrant colours!